He Chose Me - Dr. Israel Ogidi

He Chose Me - Dr. Israel Ogidi

Nigerian-based music minister and recording artist; Dr. Israel Ogidi releases his much-anticipated single titled "He Chose Me" Produced by Wondamagk
Speaking of the song... When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt. Hosea 11:1kjv. "The greatest wonder of my life is that God chose to choose me. Out of all the people on earth, He selected me to be His child, His friend, and His servant. This realization fills me with awe, gratitude, and humility.

In a world where I often feel insignificant and ordinary, God's choice to love and redeem me is a powerful reminder of my worth and purpose. It's a reminder that I am not an accident, but a beloved creation, handpicked by the Creator Himself.

"He chose to choose me" is a truth that transforms my identity, my relationships, and my destiny. It's a truth that I will carry with me forever, and one that I will eternally thank God for."

He Chose Me (Lyrics) by Dr. Israel Ogidi

He chose to choose me
Because He delights in me
His love... overwhelming
Jesus is my everything.

I will praise you for the rest of my days
I will lift my voice and tell of your grace.
You are so good so loving and kind. Jesus, you're my everything.
Jesus, you're my everything

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