Music + Video | Jimmy D Psalmist - Indomitable

Music + Video | Jimmy D Psalmist - Indomitable

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Jimmy D Psalmist, award-winning international gospel music minister, songwriter and recording artiste is out with his much anticipated new single labeled "Indomitable".
To begin a remarkable year, the Abuja-based Gospel Minister also features his Latest Single with a live Video.
“There is only one INDOMITABLE being there is, and that is my God and your God, my father and your father. The Supreme God, Represented in God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
He has never been defeated by any man or devil, can never be and will never be. The Bibles say "All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto him" Math 28:18.
He is the undisputed, uncontested, undefeated CHAMPION of the Universe and if you have him as your God and your father then you should be fearless knowing too well that your father is INDOMITABLE.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the INDOMITABLE warrior, with Him your Victory in life is guaranteed”. —  Jimmy D Psalmist.
Enter into your Era of Victory, Reign with your Father, the Ruler of the Universe as you Worship Him with this Song, Embrace Him, Accept Him and Trust Him absolutely and He shall not Fail you.
'Indomitable' is also available on all Digital Stores such as Amazon Music, Spotify and iTunes for Download and Streaming.


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Indomitable warrior
You Cannot be defeated
we glorify your name 

Indomitable warrior 
You Cannot be defeated 
I put my trust in you
You will never let me down

Who can battle 
with the undefeated God
All power in heaven and earth belongs to him
Baba o, you're the changer of my destiny
Adonai we worship today

O Lord invincible is your name
Unshakeable, that is who you are 
In the midst of the storm
All we need is you
I put my trust in you 
You will never let me down

Ooh oh
Indomitable God
I put my trust in You

Ooh ooh
Indomitable God
You'll never let me down

Never let me down 2×
Indomitable God
Never let me down

I put my trust in you 2x
Indomitable God
I put my trust in you

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