Music | Tomi Favored - I love you anyway

Music | Tomi Favored - I love you anyway 

Circumstances come and go.
Emotions come and go.
Trials come and go.
But we walk by faith and not by sight...

In other words, we are not thrown here and there by every new thing that happens to us.
Furthermore, our worship is not contingent upon what is around us but on the Holy Spirit IN us as sealed Christians.

We worship God through all situations; whether good or bad. We love Him anyway.
Like Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego, we say to the wicked ruler of this world: Our God is able to deliver us so we will not bow down and worship you. (Now here's the best part): EVEN IF God doesn't take this trial or whatever away, we will still worship Him and nothing else.
That is our message.

The other side of that coin is the Lord God Himself who has accepted Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for our sins. His love for us is perfect in Jesus. Nothing we can do is so bad that He doesn't love us anyway once we are in Christ Jesus. We are secure because we are in Christ and He will continue to love us in spite of ourselves. Christ's blood covers us. His grace will not stop. It is eternal.

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