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Download Music | Gallio B Jauro - Peace In Nigeria, Masoyina (My Love) & He Cannot Lie

Download Music | Gallio B Jauro - Peace In Nigeria, Masoyina (My Love) & He Cannot Lie

Gallio Bulus Jauro is a worship leader based in Taraba. He released his first album  titled Masoyina in December 2019. He is one music minister that seeks to connect to the throne room in worship and to help encourage those who are pained and seemingly giving up on God to hold tenaciously to His promises.
Out of he's latest released Album he decides to dish three (3) songs out for his anticipating fans namely; Peace In Nigeria, Masoyina (my love) & He Cannot Lie.

This peace song by Gallio Bulus Jauro is a deep response to the bloodshed, hatred and segregation exhibited in all parts of the country.
It is a clarion call to the citizen to make for peace amongst themselves for the betterment of the country.

Download & Enjoy!


Masoyina (My Love)

Masoyina(My Love) is a song that expresses the intimacy between the songwriter and His Lord(Jesus) He likened it to the love between a man and his wife which nothing except death can come in between. It is a song for all who longs for a deep koinonia with Jesus Christ.


He Cannot Lie

He cannot lie is song of testimony of the truthfulness of God and His promises to His children. The song is the product of the songwriter's meditation on the prayers God answered and the myriads of miracles He performed in his life, especially, the healing of his right lame leg at birth.


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