Download Music | Chika Peter - Take All The Glory

Download Music | Chika Peter - Take All The Glory

Gospel Minister "Chika Peter" releases his 2nd
Brand new single titled“ take all the glory!
This Song is Totally Dedicated To Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, of whom and through him this Song Came to existence.
This Song (Take all the Glory) was not borne
out of my accurate thinking and write up!
This Song, Take all the Glory" was given to me
in a vision" while sleeping, and an Angel of God
was singing the song early in the morning, and I
woke up with it.
I therefore encourage the listeners to connect their Spirit to this2 song while listening, as it's
Song of Spirit, and it's also written that God is Spirit"
and they that worship him, must worship him in Spirit.
And I decree and declare to all the listeners" As you worship and lifting God with this Song, you will be lifted too! in The Name Of Jesus The Christ!!!!


This Song is recorded and produced by Micheal Bassey.
for more info; Facebook @ Chika Peter, Whatsapp Chika Peter @ +27732259799.

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