Breaking News: Kizz Daniel Gives his life to Jesus Christ Repents & Gets Inspired.

Breaking News: Kizz Daniel Gives his life to Jesus Christ Repents & Gets Inspired.

In the Bible it’s written that people are like a vapor; visible for a short time, and then gone. Maybe the knowledge that life here on earth is so short creates a longing in you to be sure that life has meaning. You would like to experience that God is a living God, and want to believe in Him. This desire, which is difficult to put in words, may be the first step on the road to conversion. The next step requires action! Someone who repents, turns away from something and to something else.

We know that everybody dreams – usually for 1-2 hours every night, But we also know that God speaks in dreams and that he’s been doing so throughout history. The Scriptures tell us that dreams are one of the most common ways he speaks, that they are made accessible to us through the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:16-17) and that many of the great biblical events began while someone was sleeping. This communication doesnt occur if one hasnt repented or given their life to Christ, this is what Kiss Daniel has experienced in releasing his new song "JAHO" which he said was released to him in his dream. 

As the year 2019 gradually comes to an end, sensational Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has dropped a new song for his fans and supporters titled Jaho. This time around, not only did the music star string infectious lines together, he made sure to share a socially conscious message through the song.

According to him, the record came to him in his dream and it is a message from the most high. You can tell a dream is from God if it contains some element of the supernatural or there is information in the dream that obviously comes from heaven – something you wouldn’t ordinarily know or that points to a future time such as a statement coined from the lyrics "You better know who you are, You better know who you are, As you come this life alone, Na so you go leave this life alone o". Explaining the new single further, Kizz Daniel noted that it is his Christmas gifts to fans. He charged them to go and change the world by being true to themselves.

He said: "Today, in the spirit of Jaho, go change the world for good by being yourself provoke them with happiness and thanksgiving. This is my xmas gift to my fans across the world merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance."

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  1. Thanks so far for the decision you've taken. I pray that may God release His wisdom and strength on you


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