JCL churns out a new song after getting signed to Tmhnationglobalconceptz few weeks ago

JCL churns out a new song after getting signed to Tmhnationglobalconceptz few weeks ago

Tmhnationblog presents new signee, Yakubu Haruna Emmanuel popularly known as JCL with his debut tagged “The Word ( Freestyle)
The Lagos based Artiste who was recently signed to Tmhnationglobalconceptz few weeks ago is one talented folk ready to capture the hearts of his audience with is kinda music.
Jcl who joggles between Lagos and kaduna ( School Activities)  has  been doing music for a while now but started professionally early in 2019.

He's a Christian Hip Hop Artiste y'all need to watch out for,  with a message of Preaching Jesus , taking the gospel to the very core streets and saving souls through is craft.
The young folk who has few songs to his credit namely ; Strife , Up to the Lord, Jesus Saves me and My Flow is ready to break Boundaries and lift the name of Jesus to the ends of the Earth.
JCL is an acronym for " Jesus Christ Life " Tmhnationglobalconceptz announced the signing of JCL on 26 of October, 2019. 
The Word” which is JCL's first release under Tmhnationglobalconceptz is a reintroduction of the artiste and the single as the artiste accrues a larger audience under the new platform. The Song isn't the regular Chh jam but pointing out  its all abelievers. It's bout, we having the word of God in us,applying it to our life,living by it. And many other relevant talk pertaining to putting the word at work. you can overcome any circumstances, temptation the devil sets at you , yeah of cause the word works. [ John 1: 1-14]

The song is scheduled to be released on the 30th of November 2019
Keep your fingers crossed and Follow @jcl_emmanuel @tmhnationglobalconceptz for more updates.

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