Download Music | Seme - King Of Grace

Download Music | Seme - King Of Grace

 The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men’. Titus 2:11
As that verse has highlighted, the grace of God is available to ALL - the rich, the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the heartbroken... you name it! Seme shares this powerful message of God's grace with new single titled "King of Grace".
It is one song that you will want to listen to Over and over again because the lyrics will resonate with you. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, here’s what he had to say. ‘I was reflecting one day about a number of things, thinking about how our lives vary widely from one another. We have different circumstances, different challenges, different social experiences but one thing struck me as being common to all of us- the grace of God!’
The lyrics help us understand the power of this grace and also encourages us on how to respond to it. Seme puts it this way “’s one thing for Jesus to come to earth and die for us without us deserving this kind of love. It’s another matter entirely to react to this in the right way. King of Grace was my simple reaction to this love and I hope everyone can sing along and see where I am coming from, but not only that, find common ground. Jesus did not die for healthy people. The sick are the ones in need of a doctor".
It’s a simple tune, so listen, be blessed, share with your family and friends and sing it in your services. Indeed, we worship the King of grace!
King of Grace is Seme’s third single joining previously released songs ‘More than Enough’ and ‘My God’ . All songs are widely available on music platforms including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.
He is happily married to his lovely wife, Damilola and they live together with their beautiful daughter in Newcastle-under-Lyme.





King of Grace (lyrics)
King of Grace,
You have saved me by your mercy
King of Grace
King of Grace
Not by works but by the cross I'm saved
King of Grace
Let my heart beat for you
Beat for you, King of Grace
Let my heart beat for you
Verse 2
King of Grace
The past is blinding
And so distracting
Show me Your face
By your Grace
Your Holy people can stand before you now
By Your Grace
Chorus repeat
So let my worship be
Pure and heavenly
From my inner being
King of Grace!
Like a living song from a risen one
Jesus you're Lord of all
King of Grace
King of Grace
You have saved me
By your mercy
King of Grace
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound

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