INTERVIEW WITH LIRON: Checkout what Liron has to say about his latest hit "THE SNIPER STORY"


Q1. Kindly introduce yourself to our audience..

Liron Artiste: I am Zidyep Praise Bako , popularly known as LIRON , some call me Baks anyway
Am From Kaduna state and  I am kataf by tribe also based in Jos. I am student of the university of Jos currently studying English language & Linguistics.

Q2.  Briefly can you relate how you started your genre of music?
Liron Artiste: I started  from ss1 . Actually , I was dared to rap by some friends as expected I did rubbish , no sense so I got challenged and decided to start rapping.  I was only writing so I started music officially last year 2018.

Q3. What really inspired Liron to embark on the project "THE SNIPER STORY" or was it just for the fun of it?
Liron Artiste: Lol nooo
Liron Artiste: I was just triggered by the sudden trend of suicide by youths especially when someone close to me (VC's son ) commuted suicide, it was painful .

 Q4. How about looking at inspiring more youths out there with your message
Liron Artiste: Yea , I intend on doing more of that.. Aside rapping what I feel, I rap reality, something to touch people

 Q5. Lastly what great message are you leaving to everyone out there..
Liron Artiste: Well , there's nothing I'll say that they haven't heard.
Life is short…. Live right, do good and love yourself as you love your neighbor.

Alright thankyou for sparing your time and we are glad to have you on this platform…..

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