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    [ Download ] Margaret Adedeji ft Debbie Adedeji & Kayode Omosa - Jesu Yemi (Jesus Befits)

    [ Download ] Margaret Adedeji ft Debbie Adedeji & Kayode Omosa - Jesu Yemi (Jesus Befits)

    Margaret Adedeji, a Pastor, an inspirational speaker, a wife a mother of 3, a Team Leader, a business woman and a Mentor new release originated from a song released by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost through the dream, featuring her daughter Debbie and Uk based emeritus producer Kayode Omosa.
    This song came at a time when she was faced with lots of challenges from work, ministry and being a mother of child with special need.
    This song is God confirming to me that if not for Him Who has been on my side......... He continues to be with us all the way. Remember you are never alone.
    I pray that this song will bring salvation, healing, deliverance and breakthrough in Jesus name. Shalom Shalom
    Click the link below to Listen, Download, Enjoy and Share!


    Watch lyrics video below 

    LYRICS: Jesu Yemi (Jesus Befits)

    Oh oh oh oh
    Ara ewa wo (Oh come and see)
    Jesu Yemi o o e (Jesus befits me)
    Oruko Jesus Yemi (The name of Jesus befits me)
    His name is our family name
    Ola Jesu Yemi (The wealth of Jesus befits me)
    His riches is our heritage
    His Glory risen on us
    His Grace sufficient for us
    Wonderful father you are
    Oyemi o Yemi 4×
    Oyewa oyewa
    Jesu yewa
    Your name is great
    Your name is higher
    There is no other
    Your name is glorified
    Name above all names
    Your name is Jesus
    The risen Lord
    Jesu Yemi o o e
    Ara ile ara oko ewa o
    (Come everyone)
    Ero iwa ero eyin egbo o
    (Attention everyone)
    Wa wo wa wo Olugbala
    (Come see our Saviour)
    Ara ewa wo
    Jesu Yemi o o e

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