Download >>> Ifunanya Success - Hail King Jesus

Download >>> Ifunanya Success - Hail King Jesus

The gospel music of Ifunanya Success is music that knows how to soothe the listener into a true spiritual experience with God and evoke a genuine pang and longing for an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

The captivating and high energy gospel music of Ifunanya Success transports the audiences and listener back in time to the deep gospel music of the revival era in Nigeria as it blends the Word of God, musicianship, and lyrical creativity; all blended in sensitivity and tune to the intuition of the Holy Spirit.

The gospel music of Ifunanya Success is a “soul healing musical balm for disquieted hearts” in the words of one eloquent Christian worshipper. Worshippers testify time and again that they loved dancing, stomping, and singing along to the gospel music of Ifunanya Success in the praise and worship sessions of their local assemblies; but that they also deeply cherished that they could also worship, cry, laugh in the spirit, repent, heal and understand the mind of God through the gospel music of Ifunanya Success whilst studying and praying in their closets and personal prayer times.

This is a gospel music that knows how to call upon the presence of the most High God and graciously invite his palpable being into the ambience and soul of the listener and does not lack catchy lyrics that makes Christian worshippers of all ages want to sing along with Ifunanya Success, who personally exudes a love of music. As such it is not unusual for the unusual to happen at Ifunanya Success’ Holy Spirit induced and inspired worship sessions as most worshippers never know when they will burst out speaking in tongues or healing even as the Host of Heaven often pops up as a special guest to join in the holy ruckus of mending broken spirits and dispirited souls of listeners who worship in spirit and truth.

The gospel music of Ifunanya Success draws its repertoire from nearly two decades of enriching salvation experience that begun with giving her life to Christ in the year 1999, membership as a chorister of her local assembly and that has been replenished by her marriage to Pastor Success, motherhood of three children in addition to a gifted ministry and musical history that sees gospel music as a spiritual discipline, weapon of warfare and daily nourishment for the growing, suffering or joyful Christian alike including true seekers for the heart of Christ.

The gospel music of Ifunanya Success is influenced by the revival songs of Chika Okpala and Tope Alabi, the gospel blues Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, and Don Moen, the tender gospel songs of Panam Percy Paul as well as the urban contemporary gospel music of Samsong and Fred Edwards; as well as weekly ministry as a Music Minister in the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. Ever-revolving, the gospel music of Ifunanya Success also peppers in several compositions from gratitude to God, to pure adulations of his sovereignty and spiced with testimony generating prophetic declarations. Listeners of her album titled “Hail King Jesus” appreciate what can be described as an “eclectic repertoire” that worshippers of all Christian experiences and listeners of all ages can enjoy in religious bliss.

Over the past decade, Ifunanya Success has performed in worship at many churches, revival programmes, crusades and Christian youth events, amongst others. She has been invited back for worship sessions at seasonal and serialized events at most of these churches and crusades. Ifunanya Success just released her debut album, “Hail King Jesus”, much to the ecstasy and joy of her already sizeable army of God-loving fans. With the album predestined and expected to be a success and her fame for Christ imminent, the inspiring and spirit-filled awakening sound that God has blessed her with is certain win hearts and souls for Jesus across the world.

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The song was produced by Teaonkeys.


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