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    [ Download Music ] Taiwo Ann - What If

    [ Download Music ] Taiwo Ann - What If

    Taiwo Ann   drops a new single tilted What If? what if serves as a follow up for her recently released single Cast Your Burden
    WHAT IF is a song that centres on how humans should relate, it's a question thrown to the world at Large, meditate on it and see how we can move forward as one.

     Verse 1
    What if I could write the world back to sanity?
    What if smiling faces is the cure for this wailing humanity?
    What if a help is what it takes to make the falling stand?
    What if x6
    So many questions,
    No one to answer.
    Verse 2
    What if it's only love that could heal our broken heart?
    What if we learn to give like we learn other arts?
    What if human race is just like a ladder?
    What if we all return to the sand?
    What if we destroy less than we mend?
    What if the grave is our avoidable end?
    What if the earth has no manmade borders?
    What if against evil we all stand a little bolder?
    What if we all live together like brothers and sisters?

    Instagram- @Omolope247
    Facebook- Taiwo Ann

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