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    [ Download ] SeunMoyo - Jesus You Are Good |@SEUNMOYO

    [ Download ] SeunMoyo - Jesus You Are Good |@SEUNMOYO

    Moyo Oluwaseun Alabi fondly called Seunmoyo is a music minister blessed with the grace and personality of a psalmist; who sings every time, every place and in every situation. From her younger years, singing had been a safe place and a haven for her through all she's been through.
    In her personal space of worship and communion with the Father, she sees singing as her access code to opening the celestial portals to literally touch the Father on His throne.
    This debut single JESUS YOU ARE GOOD, brings her so much joy and fulfilment because she gets to finally share with the world those deep insights and inspirational songs birthed from basking in God's presence, and from encounters and communion with the divine.
    She believes that no matter what the matter is, no matter the hardship, sadness or depression, we need to look beyond what the devil is showing us and truly see what God is still doing in our lives. It is then we can conclude that indeed JESUS YOU ARE GOOD.
    He may not stop the impending fire from coming to you, He may not even take you out of the fire. But if you look closely; you will see that the fire is not consuming you because He (GOD) is there with you in the fire. This is the summary of the inspiration behind this song.
    JESUS YOU ARE GOOD was written by her husband Nuel Alabi (@thenuelalabi), produced by the super-creative music mind of Uduak Eric (@uduakej) and impeccably delivered by the psalmist Seunmoyo
    (@seunmoyo) in her uniquely soft, smooth and silky anointed voice.
    Special thanks to Minister Manus Akpanke (@manusakpanke) who was there every step of the way.
    This is song with a perfect blend of a deep sense of gratitude and a strong vibe of hope. Kindly download and be richly blessed.

    VERSE 1:
    When I was down, and I had no hope
    It was you who showed for me
    In distress and in sorrow
    You are my joy, my strength my song
    Jesus you are good to me
    I will worship you, all of my days
    Jesus you are good to me
    I will worship you, all of my days
    VERSE 2:
    In times of lack and in times of need
    You are my ever-present help
    In my dark days when I am lost
    You’re my beacon, my guiding light
    My comforter and my sustainer
    My provider and my source
    My burden bearer, every load sharer
    My supporter and my friend…

    Facebook: Seun Moyo Alabi
    Instagram and Twitter: @Seunmoyo

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