[Download] Retaw Da Rapper - Like Father Like Son

[Download] Retaw Da Rapper - Like Father Like Son

The super gospel Rapper Newton Ehiosu popularly known as ” Retaw Da Rapper” drops hot new single titled “Like Father Like Son.
Like Father Like Son” is a rap expression of sonship with God The Father and identity with Christ.
Retaw da rapper (Newton Ehiosu) is a contemporary gospel/conscious hip hop artiste born and raised in the heart of Benin city, Nigeria. He’s B.Sc. Medical Biochemistry from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

He considers himself a Kingdom person called by God to live and teach The Kingdom life through music and good works.
He’s a rapper, singer and a prolific writer with wits that cuts through the mind.
Like Father like son
Tell em’ where I’m from
Like Father like son
Tell em’ where I’m from
You know like Father like son o
When they askin’ I’ma tell em’ where I’m from o
You know like Father like son
Of course you know I be my Daddy’ son
Yeah my Daddy G-O-D and heaven where I’m from
Affiliated with The Father, Holy Ghost and Son
Glory! Hallelujah!
Singing glory till Thy Kingdom come
Thank God I found a better way
Busy doing Kingdom business with a better pay
My life in progression, livin’ em better days
Brother man,
the time is now and today’s the day To lift up holy hands
Worship and adore Him like you in a sweet romance
You see I’m standing on a stance
Like I don’t give a ding whether the world’s offended by my obeisance
Sorrow, shame,
They can’t reach me
Why? Cus I’m deep in grace
Yeah my Daddy loves me, I’m no ingrate
The Holy Spirit teaching me to behave
Fresh from my head to the toes except no clean shave
Like the men of old, you know the likes of Methuselah
Sanitizing the rap game, making a new Jerusalem
No relative of soldier boy, but trust I love to tell em’
Microphone in my hand, I tell the gospel fella
Tell the truth till it dwells in every cerebellum
Till it burns red hot deep in your coastal sternum (ah!)
What a day, the day man fell
We was sold to slavery, yeah we was doom for hell
But sweet Jesus came along and on the cross He wept
And on the cross He bled
And on the cross He died
Publicly crucified for the sake of you and I
He swallowed up our shame, and then He gave us life
And now He’s seated at The Father’s right hand of glory
With me partaking in His glory, what a perfect story
I fear no man but The One that came in a man’s form
Son of God Almighty, like Father like Son
The universal is what the word of His mouth formed
Judged my words as truth telling, no mouth wash
You can’t find The Most High in a weed spot
Neither does He dwell in bottles of whiskey shots
I’m an heir to The Kingdom
Brother, so when you see me, you see God
Call it blasphemy, even Jesus did it
According to pharisees, compromising His teachings
I’m moved by faith only and not by feelings
Imagine life with no Christ in it, so not pretty
I’m dining in the courts of father Abraham (yeah!)
I’m who The Lord says I am
Beholding His features straight outta scriptures
Born of water and Spirit, I fit that description
Righteously I sway to the gold plated city
I’m never disadvantaged, Holy Spirit with me (yeah!)
(Repeat chorus)
The most critically acclaimed
I am invincibly burning in flames
Incredible fluid is flowing in my veins
The blueprint plan is seated in my brain
Jesus say “the works I do you sef go do better”
I dey nack like all the time, me sef na all weather
RoboCop mcee, my armour all metal
You can’t fizzle me out, I’m hard like tough leather
No, like raw diamond, crude rhyming
Me and the other guys we no be equal, mehn no place for hyphen
They win some and they lose some
But me ma, I win all and I lose none
I’m making milli, not a milli like Ateke Tom
Your little drizzles not enough to match my desert storm
Try me, and I hit you up with the spiritual, lyrical
For being deep in perfection, I’m a criminal… (Raaaahh!)
Like Father like son
Tell em’ where I’m from
Like Father like son
Tell em’ where I’m from
You know like Father like son o
When they askin’ I’ma tell em’ where I’m from o
I’m on some Holy Ghost promo
Like Father like son

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