Download] Oghenero - Glorify Yourself || Audio + Video

Download]  Oghenero - Glorify Yourself || Audio + Video

Award winning Gospel minister OGHENERO has debuted another wonderful video titled "Glorify yourself" This video brings out the true expression of what Christians are going true all over the world, mostly in Nigeria were terrorist group has made Christians  uncomfortable  in the northern part of the country. Children are been  turned to orphans, wives turned to widows, community burnt down. In all this, poverty is at the high side, because of the high level of joblessness, the youth are now using their intelligence on cybercrime (Yahoo). 

 "The Government have tried their  best but their  best will never be enough without God, This is the reason why the Holy spirit have laid in my heart to direct this video this way, because it's time for God to Glorify himself in the world."


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