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    [Download] GreatFada Abraham - Be Strong Be Still

    [Download] GreatFada Abraham - Be Strong Be Still

    GreatFADA Abraham (popularly referred to as 'FADA Abraham') is a Dynamic Worship Leader, a Music Director, a Song-Writer, a Skilled Musician, a Music Producer, a Gospel Recording Artist and a Certified Theology Minister from the Prestigious Redeemed Christian Bible College—RCCG, School Of Ministry. He is a Computer Science Graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU) and as also bagged some notable Musical Certificates as well, both Foreign Music Certificate & Locals.

    He is the Founder of the justGOSPEL Initiative, a Forum & Gathering where Worshipers & Gospel Leaders are Trained to be Traced in the Kingdom Race. His Annual Gospel Concert has tremendously touched Thousands of Souls.

    He Has Shared the Stage with Numerous Gospel Ministers/Artistes and Has Ministered On Several Platforms, Concerts, Crusades, Churches & Gospel Events. His Ministry has Impacted Many and His Ministrations as been a Blessing to Several Worshipers across the Globe to the Great Glory Of God.
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    Solo: Verse
    In My Time Of Trials, I Have Found A Way To Laugh...
    In My Time Of Trouble, I Have Found A Way To Smile...
    His Words Are My Comfort,
    They Give Me Strength & Hope..
    As I Read I Am Transformed to Be just more like Him..
    Though Many Are Afflictions Of The Righteous This I Know..
    His Wings Will Support Me Through All The Ranging Storms..
    I Can Stand Difficulties,
    It Won't Stand The Test Of Time..
    For This Is Something So Sure..

    Refrain: For Those Who Wait On God..
    Shall Renew Their Strength..
    They Mount With Wings As Eagles..
    They Shall Run & They Shall Not Be Weary..
    They Shall Walk & Shall Not Be Faint.

    All: Repeat Solo Verse

    All: Repeat Refrain

    Solo: Emi a duroo d'oluwa..
    I'll wait Upon the Lord
    Duro d'oluwa, I'll stand upon HIS Word (2ice)

    All: Bridge

    All: Duro oo... Duro oo..
    Oree mi ye o, Duro d'oluwa..
    A mu gbaà yii lo..
    Aa mo miiran wa..
    S'aye re o..
    Wa s'ope (2ice)

    Bridge II:
    Be strong, Be Encouraged..
    Be Still.. I AM GOD

    Be Strong  All: Yea
    Be Still      All: Yea
    Be Strong In The Lord  All: Yea
    You say  All: I am God

    Be Strong In God... All: Yea
    Hold On To His Words.. All: Yea
    And Call On His Name... All: Yea
    He Will Come For You...  All: I Am God

    Those Who Wait On God... All: Yea
    Shall Renew Their Strength.. All: Yea
    They Shall Mount With Wings As Eagle... All: Yea
    You Say.. All: I Am God

    Be Strong..  All: Yes
    BE Still..  All: Yes
    Be Strong.. All: Yes

    Solo repeats..

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