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    [ Download ] Brain Samson- Obrigado + Tell It All |Mp3 Download

    [ Download ] Brain Samson- Obrigado + Tell It All |Mp3 Download

    Brain Samson is an inspirational songwriter, solo artist and a true worshiper whose inspiration is solely by the holy spirit, and as such he has devoted himself to receiving from the holy spirit who is at the centre, with the sole aim of connecting humanity to divinity.
    Obrigado means thank you and it was inspired by a conscious attempt to see what really counts that cannot be counted as most of the things that can be counted does not really count. The gift of life, salvation of my soul, the air I breathe, the gift of the holy spirit and many more cannot be counted and this is what really count hence OBRIGADO to the one who made it Possible.

    What God has done for us we cannot tell it all, The song TELL IT ALL talks about God's unfailing love day in day out.
    God never disappoints his own..  our voice will disappoint us even if we remember some things. its just too much and so therefore we cannot TELL It All.

    Facebook: Brain Samson
    Twitter: @Brain_samson
    Instagram: BrainSamson

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