Interview with G-p Wilson "Giving up on the gospel music ministry is a scam from the pit of hell says ~ G-P Wilson

Interview With G-P Wilson "SWEETEST NAME" Crooner

[4/5, 20:07] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: Q. Tell us a bit about your biography/profile.

[4/5, 20:12] G-p Wilson: My name is Wilson Idoko.. I'm a Nigerian gospel minister based in Abuja now. A graduate of political science from unijos and now a student of BTM(BIBLE TRAINING MINISTRY) Abuja.
I love God with a passion because he first loved me.

[4/5, 20:13] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: Q2. So how long have you been into the Gospel music ministry..
[4/5, 20:19]~G-p Wilson: I’ve been doing doing music for years but went professional in 2012 when I released my first single THE CROSS that eventually won topnaijamusic award for the best category of Gospel Hiphop and same year my first album won best male album in Jos gospel music awards JOGAMA for best male album of the year.

[4/5, 20:21] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: Q3. In the gospel music ministry there are a lot of challenges faced by artistes which some due to this have quit or backslided  so how did it started for you and how were able to pull through.
[4/5, 20:29] G-p Wilson:
Thank you
Truth be told, the best from Nigeria are yet to be heard. Many did not just quit or backslided but got depressed and died in the process . If you do music for money, you get doomed in no time but do it as a hobby and expressed your passion on it then you will see God prosper you. For me pulling through stems from the realization of the fact that Ive got a borrowed life. Jesus is my focal point and he leads me while I follow. I cannot fail because God cannot fail and since he called me he will keep pulling me through till Jesus comes

[4/5, 20:30] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: ⭐Waw Great! God pulling you through
[4/5, 20:31] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: Q4. "Sweetest Name" in no time was massive both with publicity what really inspired you for such a great tune.

[4/5, 20:40]G-p Wilson: When I took ill after all the buzz from THE CROSS, I kept seeing the super human cosmos on a daily.... There were times I felt fellowshipping with these super human being that one of those nights reeling in deep excruciating pain I passed on and that gave me a song GET READY by G-PAPA Wilson. it's on YouTube.  My every me came to know the realities of the SWEETEST JESUS when I got blowned up to reality. JESUS is a reality. Truth be told my experience at my downtimes  gave me real proofs that JESUS is the SWEETEST NAME

[4/5, 20:43] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: So right now what advice do you have for upcoming who are really zealous but no encouragement..!

[4/5, 20:49] G-p Wilson: Upcoming! Well to me giving up is a scam from the pit of hell. Keep holding on till the day of justice when all you laboured for will encounter pay-day... Keep your eyes on the cross and you will never get lost

[4/5, 20:49] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: That's Great..!
[4/5, 20:50] ~CEO 4wardgospel NG blog: Thankyou for your Ernest response and time as well more grace in the ministry.

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