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Political News: Plateau PDP Embraces Margaret Inusa a former Gubernatorial Candidate of the ADP

Political News: Plateau PDP Embraces Margaret Inusa a former Gubernatorial Candidate of the ADP

Plateau PDP Embraces Margaret Inusa a former Gubernatorial Candidate of the ADP

The Former gubernatorial candidate of the ADP, Pastor Margaret Inusa has formerly decamped to the PDP in Plateau State with just 3days to the gubernatorial elections. 
Pastor Margaret led other party faithfuls of the ADP and all her supporters to the PDP in a grand occasion at the Plateau State PDP office on Wednesday 6th March, 2019. You will recall that Pastor Margaret was the ADP gubernatorial candidate until she was forced to step down for John Timlong in an unusual circumstance.

The PDP State Chairman, Dmishi Sango who was on hand to receive the team of decampees, described it as a boast to the party with just 3days to the Local Elections in the state and assured them that the party was open to all.
JT Usini, the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP was also present to welcome the decampees and assured all that he will run an all inclusive government and promised to run just for one tenure.
Pastor Margaret delivering her speech to pressmen and all present asserted that;
"A little over six months ago, the race for building the Plateau of our dreams began. It was with the sole aim of advancing us as a people. Reviewing the potential and resources we are blessed with as to where we are as a people made us resolute to achieve our newly found purpose.

And we started this journey with our minds and eyes open: accepting that the road ahead will be uncertain at times, but believing that it will lead us towards a brighter future not just for us now but for our children - and their children too.
I Margaret Inusa, take a stand right now with all our associates, allies and everyone in our network. We take a bold stand with the People’s Democratic Party. We embrace the PDP Mandate.
I want an emancipation of Plateau State from obscurity, to a stronger, better, safe and prosperous State. A home to the masterminds and innovators who will shape the world ahead.
I want the ambition, the dreams and potential of Plateau to be seen, felt and known. A great, global trading state that is respected around the world as strong, confident and united. That was the dream that informed the Plan for Plateau. One that ensures we come first as a state and as a people.
We as a people are not only bound by resources, opportunity and potential, we are bound by blood, tears, pain and struggle.
We are diverse in our pursuits but bound by one common goal -To prosper and flourish" 
There was a show of warm reception where the chairman and the party's  executives of Plateau State, People's Democratic Party (PDP) Dmishi Sango encouraged and welcomed the new decampees which includes ward heads, Councilors and youth leaders who are courageous to join the People's Democratic Party (PDP).
She also reiterated that “they resented me that I was a woman. They taunted me that I was from the minority tribe and that I didn’t have the capacity or resources needed to make a difference. Over time every one of these enemies were disappointed as I emerged the Flag Bearer of the Action Democratic Party Plateau State and our network of men and women grew in capacity”
On her transit to the People’s Democratic Party “I am obliged with the vote of confidence from the party’s executives and the rest of the decampee with me a network who are over 100,000 supporters, allies and all who believe that we can and we will make a difference in our time in Plateau State, prompt us daily to seek out solutions to the menace we face in our society today” Pastor Margaret Inusa said.
She rounded off by clearing the air that she was not at any moment paid to drop her position as the gubernatorial candidate of the ADP but rather stepped down due to pressure and threat of withdrawing funds and support from the party executives. She was pained that after stating her conditions for stepping down, she was slighted for being a woman and no condition was met.
The party Chairman, Dmishi Sango presented the membership card for her and her supporters as they tore that of the ADC, she also received the flag of the PDP to welcome her into the party.

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