NEWS:Tasha Cobbs Leonard hits on WOE Magazine discusses Latest Issues

NEWS:Tasha Cobbs Leonard hits on WOE Magazine discusses Latest Issues

A dynamic powerhouse and multifaced trailblazer, Tasha Cobbs Leonard is not an amateur on the gospel music scene, but a stalwart. From winning a Grammy to being a 3 times Dove, 2 times Billboard and Stellar award winner, Tasha Cobbs Leonard has impacted lives through her latest project Heart, Passion, PursuitLive at Passion City Church.  While touring, Tasha has poured her heart out, flowing under God’s anointing through spontaneous worship during live performances singing some of our favorites hits (Break Every Chain, For Your Glory, Fill Me Up and much more) to fans from all over the world. The passion for this project is felt as she shares translucent heartfelt stories about her life, music, and ministry.

WOE Magazine had the pleasure to catch up with Tasha for a chat about her journey, latest project, purpose, and much more!

WM: Tell us a little bit about your musical journey

TCL: I grew up in a very musical family. My entire family would gather together on holidays or any given day to sing in harmonies.  We actually had no choice but to sing when we were younger (Inserts smile). My love for music and worship grew from those experiences with my family.

WM:  Heart, Passion, Pursuit Live is one of your latest projects. Why do you believe listeners, fans, and followers are connected to this project?

TCL: Heart, Passion, Pursuit Live is one of my favorite projects to date. I believe it connects with the listener because it shows a different, more intimate side of me.  I had the opportunity to share testimonies behind the songs. It was just a fun project!

WM: You are recognized as an international recording artist. How has your travel experience given you a different perspective about how Christians worship God?

TCL: It is such an honor to lead God’s people in worship.  It is one of the joys of my life. I am always inspired by the different expressions of worship around the world.  I’m often challenged and encouraged each time I have an opportunity to worship with my brothers and sisters in various nations who aren’t as “privileged” as many of us are in the USA.  Many times you will find that some have walked miles to make it to those encounters, many not knowing where their next meal will come from, but their worship and faith are so strong! It is always an eye-opening experience for me!

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WM: Black women are constantly striving to fit into a “Perfect Image” painted by society from weight to hair textures, body adjustments and even changing skin tones. Tell us some of the challenges you faced in the industry to maintain a certain image.

TCL: I’ve honestly not experienced very many challenges in the industry as it pertains to image.  (Well, not that I know of lol). I do agree that having a “perfect image” is a pressure that we all face.  It isn’t always easy being a “fluffy” girl in this world, but I’ve found a confidence in my beauty that no man has the ability to take away.

WM: Why do you believe women have a hard time accepting some of their natural God-given attributes?

TCL: It is easy to get caught up in the expectations of the world as it pertains to image and looks. However, I believe there are many strong female leaders and women of influence taking a stand and letting the world know that it is ok to look different, express yourself differently and BE DIFFERENT!

WM: In today’s society, most artists are subjected to the negative opinions of followers on social media. Previously you received some backlash from some within the Christian community for collaborating with Nicki Minaj.  How do you handle negative criticism?

TCL: Social Media has given everyone a platform to express their opinions.  This is not always a bad thing! Negative comments and opinions that differ from ours are inevitable. As believers, if we are confident that God has given us instructions to do something that is groundbreaking or outside of the norm, DO IT! Obedience is better than sacrifice! Everyone won’t always agree with what you do, but God will always avenge us when we boldly do his will.  “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”…. We all have one common enemy.  His name is Satan! Fighting one another is what the enemy would desire for us to do… let’s do the opposite!

WM: Do you believe some of your purpose is to bridge the gap between various genres with the gospel community? If so, explain? Why is important for gospel artist to cross over to mainstream?

 TCL: I am called to be a bridge.  Not just between music genres, but cultures, nationalities, races and all groups of people with differences.  It is important for everyone to complete their assignment and purpose in the earth, whatever that entails.

WM: You and your husband work and travel together. How do you balance being a wife and an artist?

TCL: It is my greatest joy to serve with and to serve my husband! He brings Peace! Lol Balancing the two roles are always a matter of being attentive to one another’s needs. 

WM: You have mentioned the importance of accountability. Tell us why mentorship is very dear to your heart.

TCL: I believe it is important to have someone who covers you in prayer, hold you accountable and imparts into you with wisdom. One of my mentors always tells me that “No man is an island.”

FUN FACTS About Tasha Cobbs Leonard

What are currently reading?
I am reading “When God Becomes Real” by Brian Johnson

 Name your 3 top favorite beauty brands
1. Urban SkinRX
2. Mac
3. Anastasia

 If you choose between Michelle Obama, Jesus or Mother Theresa, who would you choose to have dinner with?

 What would you say is your favorite food or meal?
Mac and Cheese

Aside from hitting the Billboard charts with inspirational music, Tasha launched ‘Fritz Eyewear’ last year, named after her late father Bishop Fritz Cobbs during the Essence Magazine Music Festival.  She said of her father: “My father was one of the kindest, most loving people you’d ever meet. He was a Pastor who honestly wanted nothing but the best for everyone. He would end each of our worship services by instructing the congregation to “Love Everybody.” My Father was a living, breathing, an example of God’s love in the earth! When people wear frames from the “Fritz Eyewear Collection” it is my desire that people are inspired to literally see things the way my Father, Fritz, saw them… through the lens of LOVE.”
Be sure to download her latest project Heart, Passion, Pursuit: Live on all digital platforms.

She’s Simply a Woman Who Owns Her Excellence!

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