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    DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Nothing is impossible By Angel Osas

    DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Nothing is impossible By Angel Osas

    Angel Osas is a young brazing British-Nigerian talent. She is passionate about music, ministry and public speaking. Her long anticipated debut single titled: "Nothing Is Impossible" has in a short time attracted lots of interest on her various social media platforms.

    "Nothing is impossible" is her debut song and she performed it LIVE in London Excel alongside with various other international artistes like Ada and many others.
    Angel Osas, simple message is to shift the attention of believers in Christ from waiting on God to fulfill His promises to receiving what has been fulfilled because He has done what He promised to do, our preoccupation right now as believers, is becoming masters at receiving what Grace has already provided and to enjoy FREELY!!!

    The single is produced by Dunack Music Production.


    God is not a man
    That He should lie 2x
    He will do what he
    Promised to do2×
    Nothing Is Impossible
    In you 3x Lord
    He has done what he promised to do
    You know God promised Satan that the seed of the woman he deceived will one day bruise his head. And Jesus came in the likeness of man that He may destroy the works of darkness, through His death, burial and resurrection. And now we have victory in Him, Victory through His blood. We've received the Spirit of adoption by which we call Abba father. Glory Halleluyah!
    We receive every good
    And perfect gifts
    In you 2×

    We receive....in you Lord

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