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Download: Dunsin Oyekan - Songs Of Angels (Keiyadosh)

Download: Dunsin Oyekan - Song Of Angels (Keiyadosh)
Dunsin Oyekan – Song Of Angels “Kei Yadosh”

Dunsin Oyekan – Anointed singer/worshiper has released a brand new single “Song of Angels” (Kei Yadosh), the was recorded at his CODE RED 7 concert.
Commenting on the song, Dunsin, said “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, as I found myself in the midst of angels singing this words; KEIYADOSH KALAMBA YANDEI!. This sound is a double-edged sword.. it’s a song of PRAISE to GOD and also warfare! It exalts GOD and gives the devil a black eye! Soak in this revelation and tongue yourself out of that challenge“
“I await your testimonies on all fronts as you release this SOUND…. Particularly on long-standing issues”

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