Download: Bishop's Crew ft Samsong - I Remember

Download: Bishop's Crew ft Samsong - I Remember

Sensational gospel music duo, the BISHOP’S CREW also known as “The Master’s Men” who recently returned from a tour of the United States of America and Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece) on a missionary assignment, have finally released the highly anticipated single titled, ‘I Remember’.
On this song, they collaborate with one of their mentors, Samsong who happens to be one of Africa’s gospel music heavyweight to make a simple, soulful and highly Spirit-filled song that touches a deep part of the human spirit.
The collaboration could be said to have birthed a unique genre of gospel music one can best describe as “Rhythm and blues – worship”.
They share the powerful testimony behind the song: “The song “I Remember”, was inspired by a profound feeling of gratitude to God for all the things that He has done that we fail to remember due to the fact that we are too blinded by the present challenges and troubles of life to see the kindness and good deeds of God. One of the unforgettable and miraculous acts of God that motivated us to record and release this song was how God brought back to life a good woman, our elder sister, Pastor Mrs. Enohor Ochepa who was in a helpless, critical health condition. She was on oxygen machine on a dying bed in the hospital.
“At some point, she gave up the belief to live again and asked her family members not to pray anymore for her restoration but to allow God’s will be done as God is ever good and faithful even in good and in bad times, in pains and in gains and in trials and victories. At that point where all medical aids proved abortive, when all hope was almost lost, when life and death met face to face and the only thing that was left was Faith in God, then, “Mercy said No” and the fervent prayers of Family members and anointed men of God came to the ears of God as a memorial.
“Somehow, God stepped in and responded to the tireless knock on Heaven’s door for an answer. How God mysteriously and miraculously healed her and rescued her from the cold hands of death, we do not know but what we know is that God did it again. He fought and won the battle for us.
“It is for this reason, that we choose to REMEMBER to say “Vwekobiro” (well done/thank you) to God. Truly, the devil can declare a war but only The Most High can declare the Victory.
“Kindly listen, download and share until everyone hears the testimony behind this song. God bless!”
Ogehene doh.
We lift our voices to say
Oghene doh
We are so grateful
For all that you have done
Verse 1:
I remember all you’ve done
How can I forget
The times you were there for me
I remember to say wekobiro
I remember to say well done.
Repeat Chorus.
Verse 2:
I remember all you’ve done
How can I forget
All the battles you won for me
I remember, to say wekobiro
I remember to say well done
Verse 3
I remember all you’ve done
How can I forget
How u turned my life around.
I remember to say wekobiro
I remember to say well done
Repeat chorus(×3)
Jesu doh
Doh doh (repeatedly).

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