Trending News Report: Sinach Reacts To Her Songs Being Played In Clubs

 Sinach Reacts To Her Songs Being Played In Clubs

The Loveworld Powerful Music Minister "Sinach" has said that she does not really mind her songs being played in clubs. In a recent interview with Correspondent Olushola Ricketts, of Punch, the Minister said that everyone needs encouragement, love and inspiration, her music provides such succor and people needs that even in the club.
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She said a friend had recently sent her a video where her song came up in a nightclub:
“Recently, a friend sent me a video of my song being played at a club. I noted from the reaction that they were singing along as they listened to the music. When you produce the right music with the right lyrics, people will look for it. Everyone needs encouragement, love and inspiration. My music is powerful and when people listen to my music, they will get inspired.”
Sinach had advise Gospel artistes in 2017 to take their stand and not play both ends by wanting to minister in church and yet perform in clubs, UGChristian News reported.
“The spirit in the club is different.” Sinach says. “First of all you must know that you are a servant,… you are a minister and your job is to support the pastor. That does not make you any less. Put on your servant-hood cloth and ask your pastor; what should I do to make your work easy?”
“Some artists want the best of both worlds and you cannot have it all. You do not put a toilet brush in the sitting room, it just doesn’t fit. I don’t work with artists who play in clubs, you have to stay in one place. Make your choice and stay where you belong.” She adds.
Apparently, while the singer may not perform in the club, she does not mind if her music travels that far… as a matter of fact, she will encourage that it does.

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