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    The Brethren - God At Work | [Free Download]


    The Brethren are out again with an electrified and consecrated soul-lifting song titled: God At Work (G.A.W)THE BRETHREN (Sam, Kristy, Alice, Gabriel).
    GOD AT WORK (G.A.W) is a song that was inspired from a longing soul of God’s presence. God’s presence is what we need in every situation that seems to put our back against the wall, waiting on God becomes the nitty-gritty for our victory. Listen, pray, speak the language of heaven and be blessed”
    Few month ago they also released KAUNAR KA a sensational way of expressing their LOVE for GOD in different languages, majorly Hausa and lots more (“Satisfied”, “Hallelujah”, “Holy”, “Its not over”, “Follow Follow”, and “Nagode” ).
    Their first album was released MAY 2017, anticipating their second album in November.

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    4wardgospel NG
    We Are4wardgospel Your No1 Online Gospel Portal

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