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    Kachi Ezeh Ft. Tbase - Delicacy of Praise | @kachirockz

    Kachi Ezeh Ft. Tbase - Delicacy of Praise | @kachirockz
    It is not just enough to do a thing but to do it the right way. We’ve heard the people of the world say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, similarly the way to 

    God’s heart is undoubtedly through the preparation of a beautiful delicacy of adoration garnished with the right ingredients. That is pleasing and acceptable unto Him. Psalm 150.

    Delicacy of praise by Kachi Ezeh ft. Tbase is a song that speaks about the need to praise God the way that it is acceptable and satiating to Him, summarily speaking, overfeeding God with what He loves the most.

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    Instagram: Officialkachiezeh
    Twitter: Kachirockz
    Contact: +2348039701800


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    4wardgospel NG
    We Are4wardgospel Your No1 Online Gospel Portal

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