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JAZZY J ft GOUTI - I SURRENDER | Download mp3


Coming on the heels of her recently released hot and popping debut single "Nara Ekele", UK based song diva , singer, instrumentalist and Philantropist- Jazzy J drops yet another awe-inspiring and soul searching song and she calls this one- " I Surrender" and features "OKWA CHUKWU" Crooner and ace vocalist- Gouti On Duty.
I surrender is a track that evokes so much emotion and inspiration as it sets the tone for worshipping the Almighty God; the song tells the story of God's divine grace and towering love over his children. It takes the listener through the beautiful labyrynth and straight to the presense of God in a manner quite catchy and reminiscent of God's regal nature and power.
The track resumes over a slow but catchy tone, with the duo of Jazzy J and Gouti syncing so perfectly well, lending both their sonorous voices while doing their part in a duet that rocks!
Jazzy J once again shows that she's ready to take the industry by storm , and this new effort will definitely place her amongst gospel music royalty and most importantly serve as a tool to win more souls for God.
I surrender was produced by self styled "Beat Boy" - H Cahsem whose productive geniuses shone through the entire work, combining the right beat that sets the pitch and of course the tone- making it so easy for both vocalist to rhyme and vibe in concord.

''I Surrender'' is also available on Digital Stores here; https://jazzyj.hearnow.com/i-surrender

Intro : Yeah Yeah
All to you I Surrender yh
Yeah. (When you know the Lord your God, you'll surrender all to him, like this).
Chorus :
Jazzy J : I put it all down on the cross, I lay it all down on your feet, I put it all down on the cross, saying, I surrender X2.
Gouti : I Surrender X3
Lord I give it all to You
Jazzy J: So many times you saved my life, You didn't let me drown, your mercy flows so evidently in my life O Lord.
You pulled me out the dark, now I can see you are the light, and I realize you are, the way , the truth, the light.
So with all my strenght, I want to worship you. With everything I have, I give it all to You.
" i lay down my plans to embrace your own
I give you my hands hold me and don't let go
All I have you gave to me
So I live I live for you
Lord my heart I give to you
Do with me what you will
Cause me no fit live without Your love my God
Me no fit live without Your grace oh Lord eh
My Lord I surrender"

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