…whosoever shall say unto this mountain, 
Be thou removed, and be thou cast into 
the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, 
but shall believe that those things which 
he saith shall come to pass; he shall have 
whatsoever he saith 
(Mark 11:23).
wednesday 11
When you study the context of the statement 
made by Jesus in our opening verse, you’d 
notice He’s teaching the disciples about faith, not 
prayer. In the preceding verse 22, He had said to them, 
“…Have faith in God.”   The original Greek connotation 
was: “Have the faith of God,” meaning the God-type 
of faith. In His ensuing explanation of how the God-
type of faith operates, He highlighted two important 
factors: your mouth and your heart. 
Notice again what He said, “Whosoever shall 
say…and shall not doubt in his heart…shall have 
whatsoever he saith.” He’s showing us an important 
principle of faith: your heart and your mouth must go 
together. Romans 10:10 says,  “For with the heart man 
believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth 
confession is made unto salvation.” Until and unless 
there’s an affirmation of that which you’ve believed in 
your heart, it’ll not work.  
Faith believes and speaks. 2 Corinthians 4:13 
says we believe, and therefore speak; we believe first 
in our hearts that what we desire exists, and speak 
accordingly. We don’t speak to believe; we speak 
what we believe. 
When you believe that what God has said about 
you is the reality, you’re bold to declare it, irrespective 
of what the devil, circumstances and even your mind 
may tell you. That’s because you have the knowledge 
in your spirit; you’ve believed with your spirit that those 
things are real and already inside you! Your affirmation 
of those realities gives them tangibility, causing them 
to materialize in the physical realm.  
This is why we emphasize the confession of God’s 
Word. To believe in your heart isn’t enough, though it’s 
very important; it’s your first step. Believing is receiving 
the Word of God with an expectation; with confidence 
and child-like trust. Believing is recognizing that God is 
who He says He is, and He can do what He says He 
can do, and what He says He has done, He has done. 
We believe with the heart and therefore speak with 
the mouth accordingly. Hallelujah! 
Dear heavenly Father, the entrance of your Word 
into my heart has brought light, understanding, 
and power to my spirit. As I delight myself in your 
Word, the desires of my heart are granted unto me. 
I’m living the higher life in Christ, and there’re no 
impossibilities with me, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.  
Romans 10:6-10; Hebrews 13:5-6

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