And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt 
among us, (and we beheld his glory, 
the glory as of the only begotten of the 
Father,) full of grace and truth
 (John 1:14).
thursday 12
God spoke the Word in recreating and 
restoring order to the earth after it became 
a dark chaotic mass. In the midst of the darkness and 
chaos, He said, “Let there be light,” and light became 
(Genesis 1:3). The Word that gave light to the world 
became flesh, and dwelt amongst us in the person of 
The Lord Jesus walked the streets of Galilee, 
Capernaum, and Jerusalem, as the Word in human 
form. He lived as the Word and did everything He did 
with, and through the Word. He healed the sick with 
the Word. He raised the dead with the Word, and cast 
out devils with the Word. He only had to speak words, 
and miracles ensued. 
Recall how He raised Lazarus from the dead, a 
man who had been dead and buried for four days 
and who surely must have begun to decompose. 
When Jesus called out, “…Lazarus, come forth” (John 
11:43), the man who had been dead came out alive! 
How awesome! Jesus lived and triumphed with words, 
showing us how to live in this world. 
When He needed to feed the multitude, and all 
that was available was a little boy’s lunch (five loaves 
of bread and two fish), He spoke words (Matthew 
14:17-21). He took the loaves of bread, and fish and 
invoked the power of multiplication into them and 
they became more than enough to feed five thousand 
men, women and children not counted, with twelve 
baskets as leftovers. 
He’s given us the same life wherein we triumph 
with words. He said in Mark 11:23, “You shall have 
what you say.” You can speak life to your job, finances, 
health and family and cause miracles to happen. 
When you speak over any situation, your words 
prevail. You’re a king, and where the word of a king 
is, there’s power (Ecclesiastes 8:4). Rule your world 
and dominate circumstances with words.
Dear Lord Jesus, you’re the true Light that lights 
every man that comes into the world. You’re the 
living Word of God, full of grace and reality! The 
Word of God on my lips brings healing, prosperity 
and deliverance; I walk in victory today. Blessed be 
Ecclesiastes 8:4; Job 22:28; Mark 11:23

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