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    Don’t be obsessed with getting your own 
    advantage. Forget yourselves long enough 
    to lend a helping hand 
    (Philippians 2:4 MSG).
    friday 20
    Sometimes it’s easy to think, “Since no one 
    cares about me, I won’t care about anyone!” 
    Don’t be that way. Be the one to remember, care for, 
    and love others! Be the first to love. Be the blesser and 
    the giver. The blessing you get from receiving is less, 
    compared to that which you get from giving to others. 
    Jesus said, “...It is more blessed to give than to receive”  
    (Acts 20:35).
    God’s promise isn’t to the one who receives but to 
    the one who gives. So, rather than seek attention, for 
    example, give it instead. Give love. Demonstrate love 
    to everyone, including those who may have offended 
    you, and to the ungodly that have no hope. That’s how 
    God wants you to live. 
    Some people only know how to enjoy attention; 
    they only crave love from others. That’s dangerous, 
    because when they don’t get the love and attention 
    they seek, they could become cruel and wicked. You’re 
    the seed of Abraham, and the seed of Abraham reaches 
    out; he’s a blesser; he hears the cry of the needy and 
    You’re the answer the world is looking for; you’re 
    the one to meet other people’s needs. You may not 
    think so about yourself, but it’s the truth. Genesis 26:4, 
    referring to you, the real spiritual seed of Abraham, 
    says, “…in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be 
    blessed.”  Galatians 3:29 says,  “And if ye be Christ’s, 
    then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to 
    the promise.” 
    You’re blessed in blessing others. Your greatness 
    is in making others great. That’s where real joy is. It’s a 
    higher way to live when you learn to look away from 
    yourself and become concerned about the needs of 
    others and be the blesser and the giver. 
    Dear heavenly Father, thank you for granting me the 
    grace, wisdom, and strength to raise and build others, 
    helping them discover their greatness, and limitless 
    potentials in life. Through me, your blessings flow so 
    bountifully to others, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
    Genesis 12:2; Luke 6:27-32

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    We Are4wardgospel Your No1 Online Gospel Portal

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