And we know that all things work together 
for good to them that love God, to them 
who are the called according to his 
purpose (Romans 8:28).
s u n d a y 17
Nothing in life, including the weather and its 
elements,  is  set  to  your  disadvantage.  The 
different  seasons—summer,  winter,  autumn,  spring—
were all created for your benefit. 
In Genesis 8:22, the Lord said,  “While the earth 
remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, 
and summer and winter, and day and night shall not 
cease.” All the weather conditions have come to stay, 
because God made it that way. Nevertheless, He made 
them subject to you. It makes no difference how harsh 
the weather may be, you can rise above it. 
Someone  says,  “I  decided  to  take  things  easy, 
because I’ve been ‘under the weather’”; how could 
you be under the weather? Be above it! If you confess 
you’re under the weather, the debilitating effects of the 
atmospheric conditions will buffet you.   
Some believe that during winter, there’s a sharp 
rise in the incidence of respiratory infections, such as 
the  “colds”  and  the  more  severe  “flu.”  Thus,  many 
never  look  forward  to  winter;  they  dread  it.  No!  If 
you’re born again, you’re to rise above the weather 
and  all  its  limitations  and  effects,  with  your  words. 
This doesn’t necessarily mean that during winter the 
weather would suddenly become hot, no. It just means 
that  no  matter  how  cold  it  gets,  it  won’t  have  any 
negative effect on you.   
The earlier you start professing words of faith to 
recondition the elements and circumstances in your 
favour, the better for you. When others say, “There’s 
cold  and  flu  spreading  like  wildfire,”  your  response 
should  be  different;  you’re  to  say,  “In  and  around 
me  is  divine  health,  because  I  dwell  in  a  different 
atmosphere; the atmosphere of the Holy Ghost.” 
Even  now,  declare,  “I  rise  above  the  weather 
conditions  and  the  health  or  environmental  issues 
they bring. I have eternal life in me; I’m indestructible, 
impregnable,  and  imperishable.  I  carry  my  own 
atmosphere everywhere I go.” Hallelujah!
In  the  Name  of  the  Lord  Jesus,  I  rise  above  all 
limitations  and  conditions  that  seek  to  put  men 
under. I walk in the dominion and power of the Spirit 
over and above circumstances, and elements of this 
world. I acknowledge that all things work together for 
my good; therefore, I experience victory, prosperity, 
and success today and always. Amen.
Job 22:29; Mark 4:39-41; Isaiah 43:2

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