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    Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves 
    together, as the manner of some is; but 
    exhorting one another: and so much 
    the more, as ye see the day approaching 
    (Hebrews 10:25).
    m o n d a y 18
    A young man told the story of how he hadn’t 
    attended church services for about four years, 
    due to his tight work schedule. Moreover, there was 
    no  local  assembly  close  to  where  he  lived.  That’s 
    unacceptable.  If  you’re  a  Christian,  you  MUST  be  a 
    member  of  a  local  church,  and  have  no  excuse  for 
    missing church services. 
    If  there’re  peculiar  situations  or  challenges  that 
    hinder church attendance protractedly, there’re ways 
    to go about them. You can participate live in church 
    services  through  several  online  platforms  that  are 
    available.  If  the  constraint  is  distance  or  even  the 
    unavailability of internet service, you can request from 
    your local assembly to pioneer a branch where you are. 
    You can even volunteer your home as the venue. 
    Moreover,  if  you’re  sure  you  have  the  spiritual 
    maturity to be the coordinator, that’s okay too; just let 
    the authorities in your local assembly know. There’s no 
    reason good enough for any Christian to keep skipping 
    church services. 
    The  church  is  a  place  of  hope,  succour  and 
    solution. It’s a place of solution because in church, the 
    Word of God is taught, and the knowledge of God’s 
    Word  is  what  puts  you  over  in  life.  In  church,  your 
    faith is built strong, and you also have the opportunity 
    for rich fellowship with other believers and the Holy 
    When those who were in Caesar’s house couldn’t 
    come  to  church,  what  did  the  Apostle  Paul  do?  He 
    helped them start a church in Caesar’s palace. Think 
    about that! And in Philippians 4:22 he made reference 
    to the saints in Caesar’s household. We do the same 
    for  those  who  have  been  incarcerated  for  different 
    offences  and  are  serving  jail  terms  that  could  span 
    many  years.  We  set  up  a  “church”  right  inside  the 
    prison, so they’ll learn, fellowship and grow in Christ. 
    There’s  no  excuse  good  enough  for  continually 
    missing church services. So, like the Lord Jesus (Luke 
    4:16), have the culture, routine, and personal discipline 
    to always be in church when you should. 
    I’m so glad that I’m an active member of the church 
    of the living God, where my life is constantly being 
    upgraded  with  the  Word.  In  your  presence  and 
    fellowship, I’m continually built, strengthened and 
    established in the truth of the Gospel, in Jesus’ Name. 
    1 Timothy 3:15; Luke 4:16

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