But be ye doers of the word, and not 
hearers only, deceiving your own selves 
(James 1:22).
s a t u r d a y 16
One of the ways to make the Word of God 
effective in your life is by acting quickly on 
it. Never be hesitant or slothful to act on God’s Word. 
Many miss too much without realizing it when they’re 
slow or hesitant to act on the Word. 
Whatever  instruction  the  Lord  gives  to  you, 
whatever  inspiration  comes  to  you  as  you  study  the 
Word  or  listen  to  it  preached  and  taught  in  church, 
respond swiftly. That’s the kind of faith-response that 
gets God’s attention. When you respond swiftly to God, 
He’ll always respond quickly to you as well. 
The  Bible  says,  “Quench  not  the  Spirit”   (1 
Thessalonians 5:19). That means you can quench the 
Spirit, after He has tried to no avail to stir you up and 
have  you  do  something  for  which  you  were  either 
hesitant or unresponsive. When your faith is stirred, it’s 
an indication of the Spirit of God working in you; don’t 
suppress His work in you. Act immediately on whatever 
instruction, guidance or direction He gives you, even 
when such doesn’t seem to appeal to the senses.  
Think about it: To the man who had a paralyzed 
limb, and couldn’t move his hand, Jesus said,  “...Stretch 
forth thine hand...”  (Matthew 12:13). If the man had 
tried to rationalize the instruction instead of responding 
swiftly, perhaps he’d have lost his miracle. Peter and 
John did the same thing to the man at the gate of the 
temple called Beautiful. 
After Peter ministered healing to him, he yanked 
the man up, and the Bible says, “…and immediately his 
feet and ankle bones received strength.” The man was 
smart; he dared to act on his healing:  “And he leaping 
up  stood,  and  walked,  and  entered  with  them  into 
the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God”  
(Acts 3:8). 
Don’t be hesitant or reluctant when it comes to 
acting on God’s Word. Be smart to respond boldly and 
swiftly in doing the Word, for that’s how to honour the 
Lord in your life.
Dear  Father,  I’m  quick  to  act  on  your  Word,  and 
have  it  produce  in  me  the  message  that  it  carries.  
I’m  transformed,  strengthened  and  energised  for 
the glory-life as I live in, and by your Word, in Jesus’ 
Name. Amen.
Proverbs 13:13; Philippians 2:13; Luke 5:5

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