Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is 
a new creature: old things are passed 
away; behold, all things are become 
new. And all things are of God, who hath 
reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ… 
(2 Corinthians 5:17-18).
f r i d a y 15
Being in Christ or now that you’re born again, 
everything about your life is brand new and of 
God. If you found anything that’s not of God in your 
life — something  that  hurts,  binds,  demeans  or  limits 
you — rebuke  it  and  it’ll  be  gone.  That’s  because  all 
such things (old things) are passed away. The failures, 
sickness, poverty, and defeats of the past are all gone. 
That’s what the Word says. 
The  things  that  are  permissible  in  your  life  are 
things  that  “are  of  God,”  and  that  cancer  isn’t  of 
God. That pain, frustration, or crisis that has brought 
despondency  isn’t  from  God.  Reject  it.  You  have  a 
new life in Christ, and this new life destroys sickness 
and disease, because it’s the life of God.  
You may say, “But I still feel the pain or effect of 
sickness or disease in my body, even though I’m born 
again”; refuse to cower. Rather, keep affirming, “I have 
a new life, and it’s the Christ-life; it burns up every trace 
of sickness and disease from my body.” 
Keep vocalizing your faith like that, trusting what 
God has said: He’s called you to glory and virtue, not 
to  poverty,  sickness  or  death.  The  latter  part  of  our 
theme scripture is equally powerful; it says God has 
“…reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ….”  Some 
have  only  understood  this  from  the  perspective  of 
being reconciled or made right with God in respect 
to our sins, but it’s much more. 
To understand it better, look at it from the point 
of view of an accountant, reconciling and comparing 
records, to ensure they’re correct and in agreement—he 
reconciles everything to have a balance. 
In a similar sense, everything about your life has 
been  reconciled  to  ensure  that  the  brand  new  and 
divine life that God ordained for you to have is what 
you  actually  have.  There’s  nothing  good  missing  in 
your life. You’re excellent and full of glory; a perfection 
of  beauty.  Live  with  this  consciousness,  and  there’ll 
be no room for poverty, defeat, failure or sickness in 
your life.
I  walk  in  newness  of  life,  living  out  the  glorious 
Christ-life predestined for me from the foundation of 
the world. I’m chosen, royal, peculiar, excellent, and 
full of glory. I walk in victory and dominion always. 
Colossians 3:9-10; Romans 6:4

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