BEHIND THE RUBIES: The Culture Of Unity.

We should not let our denominational and doctrinal differences stop us from making real impact for the kingdom.
There is an urgent need for the body of Christ to come together in unity of purpose and action in order to effectively steward the move of God that is upon us.
Here are 7 reasons why we need to encourage and champion a culture of unity between our church expressions, networks and campus fellowships:
‪1. The enemy enjoys seeing the body of Christ divided across theological, doctrinal, political, cultural, ideological, sectarian & racial lines.
2.The enemy is divisive, he recognises the power of unity & strives to delude us into focusing on our differences rather than what binds us together. ‘‘One shall chase a thousand and two shall chase ten thousand’’. That’s kingdom maths right there! The grace of God is multiplied on us when we stand together in agreement.
3. As humans we are naturally “cliquey” and prefer to stick with those that share our views. The enemy knows this fact and therefore capitalises on it.
4.Because you don’t understand someone else’s expression of worship does not mean it is wrong!
5.Whilst it is absolutely crucial for us to guard ourselves against any doctrine that is not consistent with the word of God, we also need to be patient enough to understand where our brothers and sisters are coming from.
‪6. God’s agenda is too huge for one group or church to fulfil alone in isolation. The move of God cannot be branded or owned by anybody or group.
7.As a generation no matter what our denominational expressions and theological stance are, God ultimately expects us to find ways of working together in unity!
God is raising a company of Elijahs from various nations, expressions and cultures. We need to be ready to work with everyone God is bringing our way irrespective of their background or risk missing out on what the lord is doing in the here and now!
May God’s kingdom come,

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