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[MUSIC]: David Skills ft Francisca - I NEED YOUR MERCY


Gospel song writer DAVID SKILLS is out with an inspiring piece  titled I NEED YOUR MERCY featuring Francisca.

Listen and be blessed.



Intro: life without Christ is crisis.....

Verse one:
I was blind, didn't have a vision
with no mission
doing bad I never cared
 if you were there
 I stucked to my pride
 the world was my bride
 she gave me pleasure
 and many treasures
 coz I loved her so much
 I never knew I was sinking
 my life was a mess
 all the drinking and the smoking
 left stress on my chest
 I remember when my mother
telling me go to church so
I can be in touch with you
but I refused, I fell in love with the world
 but when I didn't get love
from the world I loved.
I realised, I ran away from your love that
was pure,the only cure for my
 broken spirit, I left you lord now am
 back please make me your own.


Let your mercy be upon me let your love, never leave me. (2X)

Verse two (skills)

I never knew
 I can be a changed man
I thought impossible
but Christ made it possible
I got fame from crime
drama was my name
and if I fell didn't rise
who was I to blame?
If I have the world with no Christ what am I to gain?
I went around
with no love in my heart
and no smile
I brought pains enemies I gained
all I knew was vain
and the bible I thought it
was nothing but fiction
on the preachers, I turned my back
I didn't wanna listen
I was high, living my life
a careless sinner
I needed salvation
a different new direction
who in this world
can give me peace and salvation.
"The way, the truth and the life
is only Christ "
but my ego will never let me beg for your mercy

until I got betrayal
and my friends became my foes
I realised that you alone can be a friend
the only one that I can trust
I left you lord now am back
please make me your own.

Repeat chorus

Bridge: (Francisca)
I need your mercy save me o lord your love is all I need lord am on knees...

Verse three (skills)

My life has changed
I am now a better man
I thought impossible
but Christ made it possible
I found peace, found joy
and am smiling now
he gave me hope, gave me
life that is better
than any life, anything, anyone
can ever give me,I don't know you; or what u're going through
and you may be thinking
so big is your problem but
Christ is bigger
and he can do anything
don't think it's finished
don't let your life diminish come to Christ and you'll see
he'll make a difference.

I left you lord now am back

please make me your own.

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